This Guy

He saves lifes, but isn't a doctor. He teaches, but isn't a teacher. He gives advice, buy isn't a father. He is Justin Drew Bieber<3

He grew up so fast:')

2008-2013. He's still exist in my heart.

His childhood.

Feel it, believe it, dream it, be it.
I saw Justin growing up in front of my eyes, i saw the ups and downs in his life, i saw as he got disrespected and i'm still here.

"If you don't dream big, there's no use of dreaming, if you. Don't have faith, there's nothing. Worth believing" - Justin Bieber

Beliebers are family, not a fanbase. Team Bieber is an army, not a phase. Justin Bieber isn't a star, he's a Beliebers bestfriend.